I Am Boring


mom with young daughter hugging on a couchI am boring.

I don’t create epic scenarios for my kids to do. I don’t turn the house upside down into an elaborate obstacle course on rainy days. I don’t spend hours playing make believe. I don’t have a beautiful social media feed. In fact, I have a really inactive social media profile. There are lots of parts of my day that I don’t feel are interesting. There are lots of days that I feel like I am doing the exact same thing.

I definitely am not the mom on social media that makes you feel inadequate.

What I Am

I am a stay-at-home mom/part-time photographer. Nothing about my life is terribly novel and that’s ok. I don’t like a lot of drama in my life. Rather, I am content with where I am. I don’t often have big stories to share, and when I do, I am living off stress and caffeine.

Instead, I work hard to stay in the present and not live in the past of future. I make an effort to unplug and connect with my kids and husband every day. I have a small group that I love fiercely and check in with regularly.

Homeschooling? I know that I don’t possess the patience for that and am so thankful for teachers. I recognize that many people wouldn’t think describing themselves as boring was a good thing, but I do.

Happily Boring

I know that my bad days are better than someone’s good day. I know that I am lucky to be living this life. I will take my boring day and do my best to enjoy it. I know that I will look back and think that these were the days.


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