Hello fellow Colorado Springs mamas! My name is Elizabeth Mayberry and I am over-the-moon to be a new contributor on Co Springs Mom Collective! I’ve grown up here (one of those natives) and have a deep, deep love for this city we call home!

I’m a Colorado photographer and blogger at Oak + Oats (and here! YAY!) I’m also a wife, mama, sister, daughter, and friend! I’m passionate about looking for the remarkable in the every day because motherhood isn’t always easy (hello!), but there are so many good things to be found! I love photographing our daily moments, making memories, and discovering new favorite places & spaces!

Elizabeth Mayberry


Eight years ago this month I married Bruce — 13 inches taller than me, my high school summer camp crush, the photographer of nearly every photo of me, and my all around BFF. Two years ago (also this month!!) I became a Mother to my Hilde Joy and then solidified my status as a girl mom when Millie Bea came at the beginning of 2020!

I have my degree in Social Work, but worked myself out of my job with my lifestyle blog. Then I SAHM-ed my way out of doing that full time, when I decided to have babies! I love being home with my girls and it is a gift that we could so easily switch into that role, but I do sometimes miss blogging full-time. Nap time is filled with photo editing & blogging because it’s my fun!

Elizabeth Mayberry


I’m so excited to be here because I firmly believe we are better together! I know we may not agree on everything 100 percent of the time, but I think that is a good thing! This isn’t a place for “mommy wars,” but instead a place to share, encourage, learn, inspire, try new things, and pass on to others! The most beautiful part about community is that we are not all the same and we each bring something new to the table! Can’t wait to start creating content that encourages & inspires and connects with some of you other COS mamas out there!

Find me on Instagram, Facebook, Oak + Oats, and of course here!!

Elizabeth Mayberry


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