Make a Pact Not To Say These Words To Your Friends


A revolution is coming. A movement, in fact, where we no longer throw out empty words.

Words such as “Let me know if you need anything?” or “Is there is anything I can do?” when a friend is in need.

We all know where those words end up.  They fall on deaf ears. They are a kind gesture of niceties, but rarely result in a response that yields any actual request for help. These words pacify our friends while casually taking us off the hook to invest in them.

Make a pact to take the sentence, “Let me know if you need anything?” out of your vocabulary once and for all this year.

Instead, do something so profound, earth-shattering, and life-giving that your friends will not hear even one word uttered out of your mouth.  There is no need for words because all you need to do is simply….


End of story.

Show up in form, truth and love.

Show up in any way you can whether it be empty handed, dressed to the nine or a complete hot mess.

Show up.

Show your friends that they are important enough to you to show up for them.

What this world needs more of is people showing up for each other. No more excuses, niceties or empty words. Solidify the communion of friendship and community by providing the deep knowing and understanding that you are there for your friends in a time of need.


It counts and matters.  Please don’t pretend it doesn’t.  People notice.

The meals, the flowers, the cards and gifts can all come later or not at all. Rarely does anyone put stock in what you carry in your hands so long as you are offering your heart. The gift of your presence, your hug, your words or even your silence is more than enough.

Relationships are the very foundation of our existence. We must tend to them and can only reap the benefits of what we nurture and breathe life into.  No more turning a blind eye to our peeps or breathing a sigh of relief when they decline our gesture to help or respond that they don’t need anything.  Show up in spite of yourself and your to-do list.

Let’s create a world where we show people they matter and lead lives of all-out connection.


  1. Love it~ love it, love it. When I go to say these words from now forward, I will rethink them. I will rephrase them. Nice touch to the New Year~

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