My Favorite True Crime Podcasts


true crime podcastDon’t judge… but, I’m a bit of a true crime junkie. I’m often watching true crime TV shows, like Snapped and Dateline. I like reading true crime novels and I follow crime-related news stories. Sometimes, I think that I frighten my husband. I don’t mind the gore or graphic details of these crime stories. I am fascinated by the psychology of criminals and learning the “why” behind the crimes that have been committed.

Lately, my obsession has been with true crime podcasts. I love the podcast format, where I can listen in the car, when I travel for work, or when I am working out. My favorites vary from weekly pods, which I can count on to come out on the same day each week, to limited series, which tell one story over time—usually 6-8 weeks.

My Picks: 

Martinis and Murder

This weekly podcast is produced by Oxygen. Many of the episodes parallel episodes of Snapped or other series on the channel. The hosts, Daryn Carp and John Thrasher, pair each week’s murder with a delicious cocktail that (usually) is themed. They give background and insight into the lives of victims and murderers and detail events that lead to each tragic event. Daryn and John have a playful banter that keeps the topic lighter. The show and their friendship have become so successful that they have added a second weekly episode called “Another Shot,” which is less true crime and more about their lives.

Bear Brook 

I just discovered this podcast that came out late last year. This pod is a six-part series from New Hampshire Public Radio. The first episode describes a decades-old cold case centering around the discovery of two (then four) bodies, which have yet to be identified. From there, you go on a wild ride across the country, learning about another murder and an abandoned child. This fascinating story also educates the listener about the ins-and-outs of DNA Testing. It’s a jaw-dropping and hard-to-fathom tale that I couldn’t get enough of.

Dr. Death

Produced by Wondery, Dr. Death premiered in late 2018 and chronicles the horrific situation that one inept spinal surgeon in Texas left 33 patients in. This is another limited-series and, for me, was binge-worthy. The pod uncovers how the medical system ignored signals and failed to protect patients as a narcissistic man jumped from one hospital to the next. The details in some episodes are gruesome and I found myself down-right angry at times. But it certainly made me think about my own doctors and the care I receive.

Up and Vanished – Season 2

This podcast caught my ear because it is set in Crestone, Colorado. I was curious about the small town close-ish to where I live. In this series produced by Tenderfoot TV, the host digs into the case of a missing mother and the strange town that she was living in. The culture of the town and the cast of characters is so intriguing. It was hard to imagine that a community so close to where I call home could be so many worlds away. This story really brings to light the number of people (especially women) who go missing and their stories aren’t told in the mainstream media. As a note, the audio on this pod can be spotty at times.

The All Killa No Filla Podcast

Two British comedians, Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Prichard-McLean, host this podcast where they discuss a different serial killer in each episode. They also chat about their lives: past relationships, jobs, and growing up. They are hilarious, and their British accents are intoxicating. I like that the cases they highlight come from around the world (mostly the UK) and some are decades old. Many I have never heard of. They rarely get too deep into the gory details, but they both have quite foul mouths – so listener beware!

If you are a true crime fan, and also love podcasts, I hope that you will check some of these out! And if you have a favorite that you think I should add to my playlist, please let me know!

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Dana has lived in Colorado for the last 17 years. She met her husband, Ben, in Boulder and they made the move to Colorado Springs. Together, they are busy raising two children. Dana is the Director of Meeting the Challenge, Inc., a national disability compliance consulting firm. She is an active community volunteer and has served several boards. When she is not working, Dana can be found cheering on her son and daughter's travel hockey teams at area ice rinks. She enjoys spending time hiking in the mountains with her Vizsla, raising backyard chickens, and cheering on her Alma Mater's Michigan State Spartans!


  1. My Favorite Murder is amazing! It’s a true crime comedy podcast. They are respectful to the victims and it feels like you’re talking about a murder with your friends. It’s great!

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