Organic Valley: Are Kids and Cows Alike?

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Young boys caring for a cow on a farm

We recently learned a lot about Organic Valley and how the farmers raise their dairy cows, and we quickly realized that kids are a lot like cows.

Being Outside Keeps Them Healthy and Happy

As a parent, we know that our kids need more sunshine and less screentime. Being outdoors is vital to their health and happiness. The same is true for cows. Organic Valley knows this, which is why their dairy cows are outside on pasture 50 percent more than the USDA organic standards require. They go all out in caring for their cows because that makes them happier and healthier. And that makes better milk you can feel good about serving your family.

They Need Nutritious Food to Feel Their Best

Our children need healthy food items that provide the best nutrients for their growing bodies. The better they eat, the better they feel. Because Organic Valley cows spend more time outside, they get plenty of grass in their diet. The nutrients they receive from a pasture-based diet not only help keep them healthy but also help them make excellent quality milk.

Playtime is Essential to Their Development

Playtime is necessary for healthy development. It is how our kids take in the world around them, express themselves and build brains and bodies that thrive. Organic Valley cows need playtime as well, so their farmers work hard to create an environment where they can graze, roam and play.

They Crave Attention

Children need our attention and love. How many times a day do your children ask you to watch them or listen to their stories? It is probably a lot! Kids need to see that we take an interest in who they are as individuals. Cows have their own personalities and quirks as well and Organic Valley farmers lean into this. As a cooperative made up of small family farms, their herds average under 80 cows. This allows for a lot of TLC. It’s not uncommon for Organic Valley farmers to name their cows just like children name their favorite stuffed animals.

As moms, we go above and beyond to make our children feel happy and loved! In the same way, Organic Valley is committed to providing its animals with the utmost tender loving care. This passion shows in the delicious and nutritious organic milk that is produced. Happy cows make better milk that we can feel good about giving to our family.


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  1. In our household our favorite product is the organic valley unsalted butter. It has a nice sweet taste to it and we use it for everything.

  2. We love organic valley makes me feel so much better to be giving our kids a healthy start to the day!

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