Research, Research, Research: The Age of the Over-Researched Mom

Photo Credit: Alysia Loerch Photography

You’re a mom, and maybe you thought that being a mom was all about children. Well, it’s not. It’s about science. It’s about finding, reading, interpreting, and then sharing the original scientific research about today’s particular motherly concern and forming your opinion accordingly. Never mind if you don’t know how to do any of that… you’ll just be an average mom. And you’ll need to keep quiet if you have an opinion because, well, you can’t back it up. 

Too Much Research? 

Sarcasm aside, is it possible that mothers are relying very heavily on scientific research and data? Too heavily?

Science has begun creating huge divides among mothers, and that’s concerning. But what irks me the most is that it has weakened mothers to the point that we don’t feel we can make a confident decision without first thoroughly reading the research. We can’t branch out of currently-held beliefs, even though sometimes something inside us tells us we should. That quiet, important voice is often silenced by science. 

A Different Set of Tools

If science doesn’t hold all the answers, what else do we need in our toolbox? 

  • Our mothers, grandmothers, and trusted friends. A strong heritage of women and mothers, rallying together because what we do is important, not because we do everything the same way. 
  • Common sense. Before you research, take the time to think about something yourself. Observe your own life experience and the world around you. 
  • A healthy dose of risk and adventure. How many of our kids have adventure-themed bedrooms but we, the mothers, have to research everything first? 
  • Your intuition. Did you lose it? Go find it! 

There are a lot of experts out there. Research shows this and that. New science finds that the old science was wrong. I’ll tell you what my findings show. They show that you have a chemical, biological, heart and soul connection to your children. That you have a depth of love for your children you could never describe in words. That you would do anything for them if you believed they would benefit. That valuable life experience has taught you much of what you need to know as a mother. That you know your children in a way that no expert ever could. Pay attention to those children. Study them more than you study science. Science has its place. But make it a tool, not a dictator. 

Wisdom and Insight

Moms, let’s seek wisdom over solutions, and insight over answers. Seek wisdom and insight and you’ll get solutions and answers. Seek solutions and answers and you’ll get the inability to make decisions without google. And we all know, life is too beautiful and mysterious for that.