Spring Scavenger Hunt + Printable

We are so excited for Spring around my house! We love being able to get outside more and enjoy nicer weather. To celebrate, I’ve created a printable Spring scavenger hunt for you! You can use this if you’re heading to the park, going for a walk, or even in your own backyard! I like to bring a bag with us to collect the things we find (however, this does often mean you’ll have to stealthily dispose of the grass and rocks you end up with in your bag).
Printable Scavenger Hunt
I love scavenger hunts, because they are a fun way to entertain your kids without much effort at all (win-win)! If you use our scavenger hunt, post pictures using the hashtag #heycospringsmoms so we can see them and share!
What’s your favorite thing about Spring?
Mine is seeing all the pretty flowers pop up!
Tell us yours in the comments!