Transitioning From One To Two



Transitioning from one child to two is a big deal.  I know that many moms can be pretty apprehensive at the thought of wrangling ANOTHER one.  There are two common worries that you might have when it comes to considering your second child, and I am here to lay them to rest.

Worry 1: Will I love my second as much as I love my first?

When I gave birth to my first son, my heart grew beyond what I could have ever imagined.  It was like a whole new dimension of love was opened inside me.  I don’t think there is any love, so profound, so deep, so immeasurable, as the love you have for your child.  It can give a mommy considering another child concerns that she could ever love anything else again so much.  I want to lay your fears to rest right now.  Trust me.  When you have a second child, your love will NOT be divided.  It will be MULTIPLIED!  As incomprehensible as that seems for you single child moms, it is 100% true.  You will absolutely love your second as much as your first.  Just believe that.

Worry 2: How in the world will I handle 2 of these little monsters?

First, you CAN do it.  The rewards will be worth it.  The key to a smooth transition and happy family dynamic though, is teamwork with your spouse/significant other/family/etc.  Especially in the beginning.  In many families, a second child means you will now be two on two so to speak.  So if you are tied up with the baby, for example, your husband can put the oldest to bed, or get them a snack, etc.  My husband and I get the kids ready for bed at the same time.  Usually, I will take the one year old, and he will take the five year old.  Sometimes, and you should do this too, we switch. Again, the key is teamwork.

Second, let the older child help.  Whether it is pushing the stroller, bringing you diapers, etc, get them involved.  They will LOVE it!  You will find that they actually really DO sometimes help.

Above all, try not to fret.  Yes it will be harder, but it will also be more fulfilling.  There will be more crying, but there will also be more joy.  You will have more laundry, LOTS more laundry, but you will also get more hugs, more snuggles, and your home will be filled with more love than you can ever imagine.  Soak it in and treasure it.