First vs. Second Pregnancy: The Second Trimester


I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for my comparison of the second trimesters of my two pregnancies. I’m happy to report that I’ve recently entered my third trimester, and can now give a thorough summary.

A Pain in My Butt (and Hips and Calves and Feet)

Oh, these aching hips of mine. I remember in my first pregnancy, I would get hip pain right in the ball of my hip joint. This time, it’s more towards my back and bottom, but definitely still hip-related. I’ve also had a couple painful episodes in the middle of the night with sharp hip pain that radiates down my legs and charley horse cramps in my feet and calves. Woo, those are not a pleasant wake-up call. My poor husband is woken up in the middle of the night by my yelps and moans of pain, thinking I’m going into preterm labor, but really I’m just getting through an intense cramp or adjusting my hips.

This Big Belly

I know I mentioned it in my post about my first trimester, but my belly situation has really skyrocketed since then. I feel like my stomach sticks out SO far already! I’ve actually hit my belly with car and bathroom doors when I’m opening/closing them because I don’t realize how big my belly is. Already, I’m asking a lot of my maternity pants, and I long for the moment that I get home from work and can put on some loose maternity leggings and my husband’s t-shirt. I’ve heard that bellies get bigger for most women in subsequent pregnancies, but I wasn’t expecting this much!

The Fatigue

Earlier in my second trimester, I was dealing with some serious insomnia. I would fall asleep well enough, but then wake up after three hours and be unable to fall completely asleep for the rest of the night. Luckily, that has subsided and I’m sleeping harder than ever (unless I’m woken up by my body protesting a certain position). Now, I’m facing my body being fatigued. I walk more this pregnancy than I did in my last pregnancy, so maybe that’s why this is cropping up, but if I walk too much or am on my feet for too long, I start getting pain in my lower belly. Sometimes it feels like a cramp similar to what I get when I go for a run while out of shape, and sometimes it feels like a lot of pressure. Luckily, it always goes away just a few minutes after I sit down, but it really brings me to a hault. I was grocery shopping a couple weeks ago and started to feel that pain, so I quickly went to checkout so I didn’t have to face the embarrassment of asking a stranger at King Soopers to kindly drag me to my car so I could drive myself home. By the way, I’ve spoke to my doctor about this, and he said as long as it goes away after resting and I’m not having any bleeding, it’s most likely just ligament pain (like everything else during pregnancy, am I right?).

Warmth in My Chest – and Not From Happiness

I don’t recall having any heartburn in my first pregnancy. This time, it isn’t constant, but it sneaks up on me when I least expect it. What feels like a burp will come up from my stomach, and it’s almost like it doesn’t make it all the way up, so it bursts in my chest and – bam! Heartburn. Luckily, it doesn’t linger more than a few minutes, and I don’t experience it very regularly – maybe once a day or so. I love spicy foods, and this had made me slightly more wary of things like pepperjack cheese or buffalo wings, but not enough to actually give up those delicious delights. I mean, I am pregnant, after all.

What symptoms did you have in the second trimester of one pregnancy that you didn’t have in another? Anything shocking?

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