How Marijuana May Affect Your Pregnancy

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marijuana and pregnancy

Positive. That one little symbol on the pregnancy test that literally changed everything in my life. I was not expecting to see a positive result, but there it was. And even though I had been down this road before with our oldest, I couldn’t believe it. So I took a few more tests to be sure. I had to be sure.

When that pregnancy test turned positive, I instantly felt my motherly instinct kick in. After all, I was now responsible for growing a tiny human. It was hard for me not to worry about the herbal supplements I had consumed before I knew I was pregnant, or the beers I had before the pregnancy test. I drove more cautiously, since my life was now directly connected to another. I started to refresh myself about what to avoid with pregnancy. It seemed many things were new since my first baby even though I had been pregnant a few short years ago. Suddenly there were new recommendations on foods to avoid or be careful eating. Friends would share that it was ok to eat cold cuts or drink a glass of wine, but then I would read an article on one of the four pregnancy apps I had that said the opposite. I started to doubt my habits and question things that were safe for my growing baby. I felt confused.

Living in Colorado, I had to think about something else with this pregnancy – marijuana. Because recreational marijuana is legal for adults over 21, I knew women who were considering using it while they were pregnant or breastfeeding. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

So, my doctor became my trusted advice on all the questions I had, including questions about marijuana. We went through my questions and concerns one by one throughout my pregnancy. With her guidance and information, I was able to make the best decisions for me and my baby.

If I were pregnant again today, I’d still seek my doctor’s advice on everything from food to marijuana. I’d also visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Good to Know Colorado website at The site features information about the potential ways marijuana use can affect your pregnancy and baby. I recently checked it out, and here are a few things that I learned:

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the chemical in marijuana that makes you feel high. When a woman smokes, vapes or eats marijuana during pregnancy, the THC is passed to the baby.  

I didn’t realize that when a pregnant woman uses marijuana, her unborn child is exposed to the actual THC. The chemical gets passed to the baby through the placenta.

When a baby is exposed to THC in the womb, the baby’s brain development may be negatively impacted. This can make it hard for the child to pay attention and learn as he/she grows older. 

According to research that can be found here, these negative effects may not appear until adolescence. This means THC exposure doesn’t just affect the unborn baby; it can affect the child as they grow too. That surprised me.

marijuana and pregnancy

Marijuana may be seen as “natural,” but that doesn’t mean that it’s safe if you’re pregnant.

Think about it. Some of the most toxic substances come from Mother Nature. Lead, tobacco and poisonous berries are great examples. Not all natural substances or plants are safe, especially if you’re pregnant. Because marijuana contains THC, it may harm a baby.

Just because marijuana is legal doesn’t mean that it’s safe if you’re pregnant.

Legal doesn’t automatically mean safe if you’re pregnant. Tobacco is legal, but we know it isn’t safe for a pregnant woman or her baby. Alcohol is legal, but it can have negative effects for a pregnant woman and her baby too. Because marijuana contains THC, using marijuana during pregnancy may harm the baby.

There is no known safe amount of marijuana use while pregnant.  

Colorado has a Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee that reviews the science available on the health effects of marijuana use. In 2015, this committee reviewed the latest scientific literature on marijuana and pregnancy. What they found is that there is no known safe amount of marijuana use while pregnant. That made me wonder that if there’s no known safe amount, is using marijuana while pregnant worth the risk?

I know that every woman and her situation is different. That’s why if you are considering pregnancy, are already pregnant or breastfeeding and you’re considering using marijuana, I definitely recommend talking with your doctor or healthcare provider. Visit to learn more about marijuana use and pregnancy. Become informed so you can make the healthiest choices for you and your baby.

marijuana and pregnancySource: The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

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