Pregnancy Must Haves


During my first pregnancy, I didn’t do too much different from the normal to take care of myself – besides sleeping a lot and eating whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Who am I kidding? That isn’t very different. This time around though, I decided to do what I could to make every day a bit more comfortable, especially as I am learning to balance working part-time and chasing a very energetic toddler around, along with the ten thousand other things that I have to juggle during the week. Here are my top five must have items that have helped take my pregnancy from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’.

  1. Leacho All Nighter Total Body Pregnancy Pillow – From attempting the more frugal version during my first pregnancy to finally caving in to this luxurious heavenly cloud, I would plead with you to do your growing belly, your back, your restless legs, and tailbone a favor and purchase this pillow. In addition to a variety of different approaches to sleeping with it, you can also use it as an alternative to supporting baby as he/she nurses. Let’s just be honest, I am not so sure that this pillow will ever leave my side of the bed. Maybe my husband won’t notice?! Actually, I think he may be counting the days until he can hide it away.
  2. Bar Soap Shop Hand & Body Lotion – What I love about this locally owned and created body lotion is that it combines coconut oil, jojoba oil and other essential oils to create a natural, wonderful smelling product that is seemingly endless. A little goes a long way. It also seems that coconut oil is the moisturizer of choice when it comes to reducing stretch marks, wrinkles and even skin sagging. I really love the smell of Vanilla Bean, but you have several choices that include Simply Grapefruit, Lemonade and Orange You Glad. Not only can you purchase these online, but you can also stop by Sincerely Danielle Shunk and purchase it there along with some cute decor for the nursery, and maybe the house too.
  3. Nalgene 48 oz Wide Mouth Bottle – We all know that living in Colorado means constantly hydrating yourself. Add on the process of growing a baby, and it often seems like you are a living part of Niagra Falls. There are so many cute and trendy water bottles and Nalgenes seem to be old news, but this version of the Nalgene is the mother load. Personally, I really struggle with keeping up on my water intake. Especially if it means stopping and refilling every hour. A 48 oz bottle only requires two fill ups and I’m all set. This saves me so much time and energy (you know, worrying about it). Now to prepare for the onslaught of bathroom trips…
  4. Lemon Drops – Skip the ginger chews and dive into a bag of the old-fashioned kind of lemon drops for your nausea. I find that the more sour they are the better. I’ve been quite thankful for the table of Hammond’s Candies at our local King Soopers. This is where I can stock up if need be, though I am sure you can find the old-fashioned kind anywhere.
  5. Leggings – If I could wear leggings every single day, I would. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be to far from reality as we approach fall and winter. Leggings are a pregnant girls best friend. With the option of taking a single pair from day to night and from home to work, you literally never have to take them off. My favorites are from Target and Old Navy. However, I’ve heard from a few friends that Walgreens also has some inexpensive, yet comfortable choices.

Other last minute pregnancy must haves include a Pinterest board for all nesting ideas, one friend you can be totally real with and complain about everything to, and your current craving available at all times (mine is BLT sandwiches with lots of bacon).

What other pregnancy must have items would you add on to this list?

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