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I Want a Good Life, So I Try To Be Good!

I want a good life.  A happy life. Don’t we all? Don’t we all want a life that is Facebook worthy? One that is...

A Mother’s Manifesto

Emotions are high. Opinions are fact. Opponents are everywhere. Friends are few. How are we to mother? I can’t answer that question for you,...

Divorced Parents Parenting Through Coronavirus

Co-parenting is hard.  Unless you’re one of those one-in-a-million divorced people that gets along great with your ex, coronavirus has made co-parenting phenomenally more difficult. A...

Sweatin’ the Small Stuff

Lately, I’ve been trying a lot of new things.  I’ve been listening to new music, shopping different stores, and watching all kinds of new...

Helping Your Kids Sit Still to Read

As moms, we tend to say the same things over and over again. Consider all of the times that you’ve said sentences like “be...

21 Years and Counting… the Good, the Bad, and the Laughs

Recently, my husband and I celebrated 21 years of wedded bliss. Twenty-one years of marriage means I’ve been married to my husband for longer...

Pregnancy in Quarantine

My husband and I announced back in April that we are expecting a baby in September!  We are beyond excited, but this also comes...

“Mom, I Have a Question…” Talking with Your Kids About Sex

Be available. Make sure that you have time to talk with your kids. If they ask something that needs time, make the time. Schedule a special time to talk, go out to eat or talk a walk together. These conversations matter. If they don't get the information from you, they'll get it somewhere.

Things I Wish I’d Done Better Before My Kid Became a...

I am very much a “one-and-done” kind of parent. It is by very deliberate choice that I have an only child. The reasons for...

HGTV Almost Ruined My Marriage

To be clear, there is magic in television. And it's called editing. What we see is very intentional, a limited view of the home, the process, and the people.