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Middle School is NOT for the Faint of Heart

Middle school is rough, even when you’re 40. It might even be harder.  I recently had an experience that reminded me all over again of...

Here and Now: The Clean Out between Childhood and Teenager

I just moved cross country and I took this opportunity to clean out some old bins in my kids’ rooms.  Well to be completely...

Back to School Fashion Infusion

My youngest will be going into kindergarten this fall.  This is my baby.  And the last one in our household to experience this milestone...

Sticky Hands and Sticky Hearts

I’ve come to realize that my home is a lot like my heart. There are days where I scrub it clean and prepare it for goals, dreams, and work and for those days where I’ve invited people in—to gather and play. Sometimes, I'm simply enjoying the few seconds where I’m alone and it's quiet. But truth is, on every one of these days—the walls of my heart will always reflect the same; tiny little hands that have made them theirs.

Becoming a Good Enough Mom

I’m mesmerized watching her. Adopted from China just four months earlier, my youngest daughter holds her baby doll with its head cradled in her...

Silence Isn’t Comfortable

As a mother, I have to speak up. Those little eyes are looking at me. Watching me. Waiting for my movement. Ready to hear my thoughts and feel my reassurances that they will be ok, that I will be ok. That life for them will be as I promised, beautiful. My son is moving closer to being a teenager; he hears and understands so much more than we give him credit for or want to believe he can. He's watching me, I can feel it.

Dear Mom of a Rising 9th Grader

This week, I did something I never dreamed I would do. I sat in the crowded school cafeteria for freshman curriculum night. Despite all...

Baby’s First Therapist

A few weeks ago, my one and only child turned 12 years old. As we all know, kids at this age go through changes...

Stepmom Struggle

I have a son.  I buy him clothes, I fix his meals, I teach him how to read and write and do math problems,...

My Kid Wasn’t Prepared for First Grade; Neither was I

Can I just be vulnerable for a second? Some days you completely win as a parent and your kid uses their manners, follows the rules...