Colorado Springs Cat Kittens
My rescue cat, Linux.

If you know me, you know our family has a cat. And if you know me well, I’ve definitely shown you a picture of our cat. I love having a cat. Hearing his happy meows and purrs when I come home and getting warm snuggles at night changed my life for the better. Our cat and son have bonded deeply, giving my kiddo a best bud. My husband grew up with cats and this stray kitten came into our lives just three weeks after we were married. It didn’t take long for me to love being a cat mom!

Dogs do rule in Colorado with more households having dogs over cats. And dogs make amazing pets! But I think cats and kittens get a bad rap. Sure, cats have a mind of their own, but they are not mean creatures. They make fantastic pets, even for families. Like dogs (and humans!), cats’ personalities vary. Some can be shyer and timid, needing time and gentleness to develop bonds with their humans, while others can be energetic, curious, and friendly. 

Having a family pet is valuable for kids. It teaches our children myriad skills including responsibility, thinking of others, commitment, and boundaries. There’s nothing like a lively play session with your pet! And there is nothing like their snuggles on a difficult day. Pets of all types bring us great comfort, and my cat has given me the beautiful gift of love daily for five years now. 

Adopt A Cat or Kitten (or Two!)

In the animal rescue world, the springtime is often called “kitten season.” It’s true that kittens can be born year-round, but like many animals, births increase in the spring and summer months and continue through the fall. With the average litter size at four kittens, that’s a lot of kitties that need homes! 

Now is a great time to bring home a fuzzy new family member! Check out these rescue organizations to find the perfect cat for your family: