Take a deep breath with me. What fragrances greet you? The crispness in the early morning air? The scent that the leaves make as they crunch underneath your feet? The aroma of the pumpkin spice latte you are currently cradling in your hands? Regardless of what you smell, the message is the same:


Fall will always be my favorite season. I love the chilly temperatures, the radiant sunshine, and the coziness that settles itself into my home. Another favorite thing for me about Fall is the colors. Growing up in Kansas, Fall brought beautiful hues of gold, orange, and red from the Maple leaf trees. Now living in Colorado Springs, I look forward to the mustard yellows, deep oranges, and other beautiful colors from the changing Aspen trees.

Fall is the perfect time for outdoor family photos. With our state boasting more than 300 days of sunshine a year, chances are good the weather will cooperate. And with so much natural beauty surrounding us, you really can’t go wrong in picking a location. Some of my favorite settings, however, have been a bit off the beaten path, or at least maybe not the first places you’d think of for photos. These locations mean something to my family, and with the Spirit of Fall in my heart, I want to share some of them with you today.

Fall Family Photos
Three out of four smiling faces…not bad! (Photo credit: Allison DuBois Photography)

Bear Creek Park

I probably seem obsessed with Bear Creek since I’ve already written about the nature center here, and now I am writing about the park! This place is just beautiful and provides stunning family photos. Allison Johnson, Colorado Springs architect by day and photographer by night/weekend, took these photos for my family last November. I love how natural things look and how she managed to capture our spirit.

Fall Family Photos
Yay for throwing leaves! (Photo credit: Allison DuBois Photography)

Rock Ledge Ranch

This place has a sense of solitude; it’s simple, rustic, and has animals that are occasionally up for a small photo op. While my family has attended a few of their events throughout the year, I haven’t personally taken photos here. However, my friends who have taken family photos here love it, and the pictures speak for themselves in beauty and uniqueness. Click here to view their photo gallery and get some ideas for the future!

Fall Family Photos
This photo captures us so well. I love that we are laughing at the antics of our son and that pure happiness was captured. (Photo credit: Allison DuBois Photography)

Old Colorado City 

This area holds a special place in my heart not only because it is our neighborhood, but also because the brick walls, vibrant colors of the buildings and alleys, and fallen leaves make a perfect backdrop for any photo. Inside Old Colorado City are a couple of parks that yield some fantastic settings for photos, as well. The shop owners in this area of town are all delightful, and the people at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory were more than happy to have us take a few shots inside their store. Because nothing says Fall like fresh caramel apples and little boys peering into the cases of chocolatey treats.

Fall Family Photos
This photo brings such happy memories to me. (Photo credit: Allison DuBois Photography)

Starsmore Discovery Center

Nestled at the base of Cheyenne Canyon, Starsmore Discovery Center is gorgeous at any time of year and will always produce unique family photos. The building structure itself makes for a pretty backdrop, but if you walk along some of the trails, you will also find some beautiful waterfalls, wildflowers (depending on the season), various rock formations and trees, and, of course, the ever-present wildlife. Click here to be taken to some pictures of this somewhat hidden treasure.

Fall Family Photos
Taken just in the backyard, I love the colors in the picture and the mischief in his eyes.

Your Own Home

Does this surprise you? This didn’t even cross my radar until Allison mentioned that sometimes people’s homes produce great photo opportunities. She has done home photoshoots before, and children are more comfortable in familiar environments, minimizing tantrums and awkward photo faces. And also, there is just something special about our homes. They are where we raise our families, where we find shelter, where we retreat after long days. Capturing family pictures in an environment so dear to our hearts will mean so much down the road when we have moved on to another house or another city or even when our children are all grown up and on their own.

So tell me: What are your favorite Colorado Springs locations to take family photos? I’d love to add some new locations to my list!

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Megan has called Colorado Springs home since 2008 when she and her husband of twelve years moved here after serving for two years as Peace Corps volunteers in the beautiful country of Macedonia. She spent her time in Macedonia teaching in a village school, working alongside college professors at a university, and having long, luxerious coffee dates with some of the best people she has ever been priviledged to know. Megan's educational background is in Secondary English Education, and most of her working life has been spent teaching English to junior high students, a grade level that she absolutely adores. Starting this year, she has stepped away from the classroom to explore the world of Communications, and she is excited to be serving as the Strategic Communications Coordinator for a local charter school. When Megan isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with close friends and family; however, her introverted side is just as content being alone on her front porch with a good book and a hot (often re-heated multiple times) cup of coffee. Her interests also include writing, scoring deals at garage sales, and trying (but usually failing) to be creative with her sewing machine. Megan’s boys keep her on her toes with their crazy antics and energetic spirits, but they are always quick to settle down if it means snuggling up to their mama and reading, a pastime in which she happily obliges them.


    • I love these places too, Deanna! I’m going to have my son’s next birthday party at Starsmore, I think! Such a beautiful place.

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