Hooray for Grandparents Day!!  A very special day set aside to celebrate those amazing Grandmas, Mimis, Nanas, Grandpas, Papas, or whichever special name they are called by. It’s the perfect day to celebrate the grandparents in our lives!

Let’s Celebrate Grandparents!!!

This Grandparents Day will be extra special for my family. It will be the first one we are actually close enough to celebrate with them in person. We get to spend the day walking down memory lane with them, enjoying a delicious meal, and receiving lots and lots of sweet kisses!

But I know we don’t all have the privilege of living close to grandparents. We are also right in the middle of a time in history where it may be unsafe to spend physical time with them.

So here are some wonderful and sweet ways to celebrate those grandparents in our lives, whether in person or from a distance!

10 Simple Ideas

  1. ZOOM CELEBRATE!! – Set a Zoom meeting time to cook a favorite dessert together or serenade them with a heart-warming song. Although it can not take the place of actually being there physically, this time can be very special. 
  2. WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE! – Have your grandparents mail pictures of their childhood ahead of time and Facetime or Zoom to walk down memory lane with them.  I am sure your kids will love hearing stories of what their grandparents were like when they were young!
  3. PLAY!! – Grab your grandparent’s favorite board game and enjoy a fun, competitive time together. This could be a great time to learn a new card game or play a board game from their childhood.
  4. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! – We all have a phone and we all have at least one kid who loves to be in front of the camera. Have your kids get creative and create a video listing all the reasons why they love their grandparents. Send the entire video all at once or send one video of each child over the course of the day. 
  5. SET UP THE SLEEPOVER! – Who says just because you don’t live by your grandparents, you can’t have a sleepover? Let’s host a virtual sleepover, including a bedtime story and bedtime snack. 
  6. GRAB A PENCIL AND PAPER! – Nothing beats a handwritten letter to a grandparent and bonus — I bet your kids will receive a handwritten letter back in the mail. It may even turn into several pen pal letters!
  7.  WORK ON YOUR GREEN THUMB! – Did you know you can send a potted plant through an online flower shop?  And don’t forget to buy one for your kids too! Send it way before grandparents’ day to plant them together over a social media platform.
  8. SCAVENGER HUNT! – Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt! Grab your phone and take a walk outside. There are fun scavenger hunt pages that can be printed off the internet. Mark off and compare what items you each can find on your walk.
  9. I-SPY – This is a great game to play on road trips but can also be a wonderful activity to do on grandparents’ day. Stay inside or head outdoors to play a rousing game of I-Spy with your grandparent. 
  10. LAUGH – Laughter can be one the best ways to bond, so buy some mad libs ahead of time and make sure to mail one in time to your grandparent. Then spend some time creating some truly hilarious stories together.

So Many Ways To Celebrate

However you choose to celebrate this Grandparents Day, it is really all about making sure you say I love you.  Whether it’s a grand gesture or a simple note, the special grandparents in your life will feel loved and celebrated. How do you spend this special day? Share your activities and ideas for others to use.

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