I don’t know what kind of mom you are around the holidays, but I LOVE making holidays magical for my kids, especially Christmas.  I love knowing I was partly responsible for making their eyes light up in wonder or putting a giant smile on their face – the things that make memories.  So I go all out — bake all the things, decorate the whole house, incorporate special traditions, and plan special events and outings.  

Now, you may be thinking hold up there, mama, ain’t nobody got time for that.

But let me tell you about one Christmas tradition we have that is so easy anyone can do it.  My son looks forward to this every year, and gets so excited. I’m sure your kids will, too!  

In our house, we do a Christmas Eve box, and we have so much fun with it! 

What exactly is a Christmas Eve box? 

It’s a big, special box with treats and surprises in it to make Christmas Eve special, and to create some fun family time for the night. 

What goes in it? 

You can pretty much make this your own. Include whatever you want!  Our family generally includes things like:

  • Matching pajamas for the kids
  • Fun Christmas socks or slippers
  • A Christmas movie to watch
  • A simple craft to do together or ornaments to make
  • Hot chocolate and mugs
  • Popcorn for the movie
  • A soft, snuggly blanket
  • A new Christmas book to read together
  • Special ingredients to make cookies for Santa

How does this work?

Get your kids excited!  Put the box under the tree with a note that says “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS EVE!”  Tell them that there are fun surprises in there for Christmas Eve night, and that they have to wait to see what’s in it!  Then, on Christmas Eve, whenever you’re ready for your family fun to begin, tell your kids they can open the box!  Then you can make a plan for the night based on the items you’ve included in the box.  

Starting new traditions for your family doesn’t have to be stressful, time consuming, or a lot of work.  Just adding some simple fun can turn a regular day into a special one in no time!  

Want MORE Christmas tradition ideas??

Here are a few traditions our family has every Christmas that (I think) are worth the effort:

  • Attend the Electric Safari at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (FREE for members!)
  • Have a date night with just you and your husband, taking in the lights and scenery at the Broadmoor
  • Wrap up a Christmas book for your kids to unwrap and read every night during December (or the 12 days before Christmas)
  • Attend Christmas Eve church services
  • Go through toys, books, and clothes to clear out items and donate them
  • Have a mini tree in your kids’ rooms for them to decorate themselves
  • Make a special breakfast for Christmas morning (we usually do cinnamon rolls!)

Christmas Eve Box