We heard you mamas! And I am right there with you. It is a difficult juggling act balancing homeschool, work, and doing all the things we do to keep our kiddos alive!  Sometimes, we just need a moment. So I am here to share my all-time favorite kids activities that are guaranteed to give you time! Time to focus on work, teach a child or just make lunch.  Each activity is done independently so you can have time to get things done! 

Fun Kids Activities To Give You Time


Put on a podcast and turn up the volume.  These podcasts are certain to grab your kiddos’ attention!  While they are listening, go check off some items on YOUR to-do list!

  • Smash Boom Best – My kids’ favorite podcast! A battle between two fierce items that kids can vote on who is the BEST!!
  • Brains On! Science Podcast for Kids – Fascinating stories around science. 
  • Camp Monsters – Camping stories brought to you through REI. WARNING: Though these are great camping stories, you might want to preview which one before letting our kids listen.  My 9-year-old was scared by some stories, while my 7-year-old enjoyed them all. 
  • Story Pirates – Do your kids love pirates? Do your kids love stories of adventure?  This is such a fun podcast with great stories!
  • Little Stories For Tiny People – Great stories for the littles in your life!
  • What If World – What a creative podcast that answers all your kids questions of “what if…..”


Let someone else teach your kids to draw.  They range from simple to more complicated. My kids will sit for hours drawing one picture after another.  Maybe even buy a few white poster board papers and have your child draw an entire scene! It could take them days to complete!


Who knew toothpicks and gumdrops could be so entertaining!  Throw a huge pile of both on a table and tell your kids to build something. They can be taken apart and rebuilt over and over again!


Throw some gummy bears in an ice tray, fill with water and freeze.  Give each child a bowl of warm water and a spoon and let them one at a time unfreeze the gummy bear.  And of course, they can eat them!! It can take several minutes per ice cube!! 12 ice cubes X 4 minutes = time for you mama!


Ok… this one can be messy, so if cleaning up a mess is just too much right now, you might want to skip this one.  Cover a cookie sheet with baking soda and in different bowls make colored vinegar (use food coloring). Kids can use spoons or eye droppers to place the vinegar on the baking soda.  MAGIC!!!!!

Life Is Tough Right Now

I know things are really tough right now. We are all trying to do our best. I hope these kids activities can give you a little time to focus on what you need to. Mama, you’ve got this! We will get through this together.

Kids activities

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