What Your World Needs Now is LOVE: Three Ways to Spread It


A few years ago, I saw a fun idea to write a series of love notes, or a “heart attack” for your children from February 1-14. I decided to try it and now it’s become a yearly tradition in our house. I write one reason I love each of my family members on a small paper heart and tape it to their bedroom doors. What started as a cute, Instagram-worthy activity to put smiles on my kids’ faces, turned out to be an exercise in cultivating appreciation in my own heart. Some days, it was easy to write a reason I loved everyone. Some days, I had to dig deep and ended up finding the things that don’t always come to mind easily. The background things that deserve their day in the sun. I also realized how much it means to someone to get a note.

Right about now, many of the people in your life could use some appreciation and love. Here are three ways to spread the love this month:

Lunch Notes

It takes me 30 seconds to scrawl a message on a sticky note for my kids’ lunchboxes. Sometimes it’s a joke, some days a reminder, and others a note of encouragement. One of my kids keeps all the notes, but when I forget, I hear about it. I don’t pack lunches for my husband, but I try to sneak him a note in his work things occasionally. I also love when someone sneaks a love note for me to find. It always makes my day a little bit better.

Surprise Thank You Cards

It isn’t uncommon to write thank you cards after Christmas or a birthday, but I think they mean more when they come at an unexpected time. Send a note to a friend or colleague to let them know how much their advice or support meant. Write a note to your child’s teacher to let them know how much your child loved a particular lesson. Help your child make a card for a neighbor who always lets them pet their dog on your walks.

Practice the Art of the Love Letter

When my husband and I were first dating, we lived in different states. This led to a lot more letter writing than there would have been if we weren’t long distance. I still have those letters all these years later. We don’t write love notes as often anymore, but they still mean the world to me. I try to write letters to my kids occasionally. There’s something about the written word that sticks with you more than a text. They can reread it when they need a pick me up.

I hope you find a way to spread love and kindness this month and all year round!


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